Sign-O-Saurus Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle Wraps The Best Way To Advertise

A Vehicle Wrap is the mother of all advertising. Think about it. A full color billboard that shows your hard work and lets people know that you offer a quality product. All they have to do is look at your vehicle and they will instantly see and remember your company.

This is overall the least expensive type of advertising because you only pay for it once, but it will last for years and years. Let us build a price estimate for you today for your vehicle wrap. They can be removed when you sell your vehicle, and it actually protects the paint for the duration that it is applied to the vehicle.

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Vehicle Lettering

Vehicle Lettering Get your Vehicle Talking

You are driving a billboard every day for your work…why not advertise on it? If you are driving a blank vehicle, you are missing out on a wonderful opportunity to advertise to the general public.

Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle Graphics High Impact and Colorful

Vehicle Graphics are often mistaken for a vehicle wrap. A vehicle wrap encompasses most of, or all of, a vehicle. While vehicle graphics add a little something extra to plain vehicle lettering. This can be your logo, or a photo of the work you do, or really anything you want it to be. Let the professionals at Sign-O-Saurus help you design something that will start making you money today!

Vehicle Magnets

Vehicle Magnets A Good Start To Better Advertising

Vehicle Magnets are a great entry level type of signage for your vehicle. Or when adding an extra employee to your work force.

They are a great way to advertise and bring in new business while not making any permanent changes to your vehicle. This can be especially handy if your homeowners' association doesn't allow branded vehicles to be parked in the community.

Perforated Window Graphics

Perforated Window Graphics See-Through and Colorful

Perforated Window Graphics are graphics that are applied to the outside of a storefront, or vehicle window, that allow the people inside the store to see out directly through the graphics, but will not permit the people outside the storefront to see in. This is achieved through tiny holes that are all throughout the graphic. From the outside of the store, your eyes adjust to the graphic and focus on the advertising, but from the inside, you see directly through the graphics.

Custom Vehicle Toppers

Vehicle Toppers A Unique Way To Advertise

Vehicle Toppers are usually seen on pizza delivery vehicles. However, they are available to be customized with your company information and they are a unique way to get people to recognize your business. These can be especially effective in conjunction with the other types of vehicle advertising we offer.

Custom License Plates

Custom License Plates A Add A Theme Or Fun To Your Vehicle

Customized license plate is just the thing to set off your new vehicle wrap, or vehicle lettering package. It puts the icing on the cake…so to speak… They also make great inexpensive gifts.